About David Ben Moshe – Producer

Smooth, flawless production, encompasses a broad range of skills. What skills has David acquired along the way, and how will they transform your script too into a reality?

David discovered the world of media at Tel Aviv New High School, on a sociology and media course. Upon enlistment to the Teleprocessing Corps, he learned how to channel communication with the surroundings for the development of leadership skills, command methodology, behavioral models (as an instructor on the commanders training course) and to develop management abilities (as an operations officer who oversaw manpower allocation and readiness of hundreds of people).

After his grand tour of South America, David discovered London calling for him to, and began to develop selling skills as a regional sales and marketing agent for shopping centers in London, England. Upon returning to Israel, his love for the world of communication guided him toward taking a Bachelor’s degree in media and management at the College of Management Academic Studies, specializing in content and publicity.

David added to his toolbox with skills he learned at Tapuz Anashim in the department of advertisement space selling, for negotiation, alongside skills for project and customer management within his work at various advertising offices such as Gitam and Baumann Ber Rivnay.
In 2015 David completed a scriptwriting course at Hasifa School.

It all led to one place.

In 2005, David was captivated by the magic of the world of production and began to develop himself on several production courses: in the beginning as a production assistant, and later, in art roles, location management, and finally, as a producer in practice too. All of this led to the production of dozens of films, series, adverts and clips.

Among the productions in which he participated are:

Series: The Force – The first reality series in Israel (2007), Adi Ashkenazi (2008), The Next Big Thing (2007), Only in Israel (2007), Ramzor (2008), Knife Fight (2008), La Familia (2016), Polyshock (2014) and more.
Feature-length Films: Son of God (2014), Beneath the Silence (2013), The Burglar (2016)

Adverts – Femina (2015), Mifal HaPayis (2007), Subaru (2007), Advil (2007), Bank Leumi (2008), Delta (2015), David Shield (2016), Mast Chewing Gum (2016) and more
In 2012, when the American Homeland was being filmed in Israel, David managed the division for filmed vehicles on one of the largest productions ever in Israel.

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Over more than a decade, all the dots have joined up: the ability to guide, lead, plan and see a few steps ahead, the ability to negotiate and of course, production experience.

For polished, effective production.